We make regular deposits better too.

That's right! We've integrated with mydeposits, bringing tenancy deposits and flatfair's deposit alternative all under one roof.

flatfair partners can manage everything in one place, reducing admin nightmares by streamlining your processes and saving you costs. What's not to love?

Happier tenants

Life is about choices. Choose flatfair. Choose a traditional deposit. Whatever you choose, the flatfair portal will enable you to follow your path in one place - being referenced and giving your landlord the confidence required to let you move in, as fast as same day.

Seamless for agents

Take the stress out of processing tenancies. We improve the lives of agents and landlords by providing direct access to both traditional deposits and flatfair memberships directly in our online portal. This means less admin across multiple platforms and more time to focus on what's really important - letting properties.

How it works

Stay compliant, hassle-free!

Traditional cash deposits need to be protected by being registered with one of the three government regulated schemes. With our integration, you can protect your deposits quickly and securely through mydeposits and the flatfair portal.

    • Register your deposit

      Log in, input your details, the tenancy details and those of your tenants.

    • View your tenancies

      Once the deposit has been registered, you'll be able to view all your properties under management together, regardless of whether they are with mydeposits or flatfair

    • Manage your deposits

      Track, amend and release your traditional deposits (as well as your flatfair memberships) all in one place, from any device, with just a click.


    Powered by mydeposits

    We're proud of our partnership with mydeposits. Together, we're able to provide a simple deposit protection solution for landlords, letting agents and tenants, reducing costs and improving the experience for all.

    They've been authorised and trusted by the UK Government to protect tenancy deposits for over 12 years - so you're in safe hands!

    Our portal

    It’s all in the app

    Use the flatfair portal to create a new deposit in minutes.

    Once created, agents get a full overview of all deposits and flatfair memberships in one place - enabling seamless tenancy management, regardless of whether they are with mydeposits or flatfair.

    Explore the portal
    • "It's a great alternative to a high security deposit while still giving the landlord some assurance. Makes moving much, much easier to manage and plan for. This needs to be accessible for all eligible renters across the country!"

      Gemma, Tenant
      flatfair Tenant
    • "flatfair is a straightforward concept that's beneficial to agents, landlords and tenants – and it’s run by decent people. What more can you ask for?"

      Sophie, London
      flatfair Tenant
    • "flatfair is great as it makes it so much easier to save money for furniture in our new property"

      Nathan, London
      flatfair Tenant
    • "To be honest it was a life saver. I personally didn’t have money for deposit so flatfair made it possible for me to get my house deposit free"

      Vera, Leighton
      flatfair Tenant

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