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Properties let faster with flatfair. Offer a smarter, fairer tenancy deposit alternative and start moving more happy clients today.


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  • Attract more tenants

    Tenants love renting deposit-free. It only takes minutes to join flatfair and the property is protected instantly. Now you can reference, approve and move tenants in on the same day.

  • The best protection

    flatfair gives you more than double the protection compared to a traditional deposit, enabling you to invoice for proven charges up to the value of 12 weeks' rent. It's the highest in the industry.

  • Manage charges with ease

    Take the stress out of managing end of tenancy charges. flatfair gives you a simple platform to manage charges and a team of third-party adjudicators are on hand to resolve any tricky disputes.

  • The flatfair portal

    Manage everything online.

    Check references, secure your properties, keep in touch with tenants and handle charges with ease, all in one place.

    See The flatfair Portal Our Fair Resolution process
    Deposit-free properties let 25% faster.

    Tenants save an average of £2000 with flatfair, making your property more attractive to new renters and harder for your existing tenants to give-up!

    Partner Benefits

    flatfair is a win-win. Landlords get more than double the protection and tenants have significantly lower upfront moving costs. It’s not insurance, just a smarter way to rent.

    • Deposit Registration

      We're proud of our partnership with mydeposits. Together, we're able to provide a simple deposit protection solution for landlords, letting agents and tenants, reducing costs and improving the experience for all.

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    • Instant Referencing

      Leveraging open-banking technology,, flatfair has partnered with Movem to provide a seamless and instant referencing experience - with complete reference checks in under 5 minutes.

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    • Lettings Agencies

      Independents • Multi-branch networks • Groups

      Help your Landlord clients protect their investment and earn a revenue share on every flatbond sold to your tenants.

    • Institutional Landlords

      Build to rent • Investment funds • Student lettings

      Advertise your rental properties deposit-free to achieve maximum occupancy rates and fill new buildings quickly.

    • Private Landlords

      Portfolio • Rent to Rent • Buy to Rent

      Reduced costly void periods between tenancies, better protect your assets and income by mitigating your risk with flatfair.

    • "Moving is one of the most stressful and expensive things we do in life. flatfair made the process stress-free and most importantly, affordable. I would recommend to anyone and everyone!"

      Charly, London
      flatfair Tenant
    • "flatfair is a straightforward concept that's beneficial to agents, landlords and tenants – and it’s run by decent people. What more can you ask for?"

      Sophie, London
      flatfair Tenant

    Payment Options

    • flatfair classic

      Charge your tenants 1 week's rent (+ VAT) to provide your landlords with up to 12 weeks' worth of protection and free recovery for additional sums.

      Earn a commission % from every membership sold, creating a new source of income, or utilise your commission % to discount the flatfair membership price or even donate the % to a charity of your choice.

    • flatfair premium

      The partner pays the 1 week's rent (+VAT) flatfair membership on behalf of the tenant, with the tenant only paying a £15 admin charge when registering (deductible from first month's rent), allowing you to advertise completely fee free, deposit free renting.

      This provides your landlord with up to 12 weeks' worth of protection and free recovery for additional sums.

    • flatfair essential

      A low cost version of flatfair whereby there is no protection for unpaid charges and flatfair operates as a collection partner only, paying landlords upon successful collection from tenants.

      This is commonly used by our partners who have traditionally charged low deposits in the Student and Social Markets.

    Dedicated Support

    We’re with you every step of the way.

    When you partner with flatfair, you get your own account manager and direct access to our Customer Success Team — here to answer your questions, offer best practices and help you leverage flatfair to rent your properties faster.

    Talk to us

    We make regular deposits better too.

    Say goodbye to the old antiquated way of managing deposits. With flatfair’s API, you can still be a client of mydeposits whilst keeping track of those deposits from our online portal.

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    How it works

    Getting started is easy.

    Move homes without handing-over a big deposit. flatfair members can secure any UK rental property with just a debit card.

    • Step 1  

      List deposit-free

      Become a flatfair partner and advertise your properties with a deposit-free renting option.

    • Step 2  

      Reference check

      Review incoming applications and instantly reference check new tenants in the flatfair Portal.

    • Step 3  

      Tenancy agreement

      Approve your tenant and add the flatfair schedule to your existing tenancy agreement.

    • Step 4  

      Process complete

      flatfair has you covered from the moment your tenant completes their registration.

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