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Secure any UK rental property without a deposit — no hidden fees, wait times or big upfront costs. Just easy moving.

UpfrontWe save tenants millions in upfront costs
How it works

Pay much less upfront.

Wave goodbye to expensive upfront payments. As a flatfair member, you can secure any participating UK property with just your debit card.

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    Get a link from your agent

    Your agent will provide the unique flatfair registration link for your new home.

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    Start your membership

    Sign up, pay your one-off membership fee and add your debit card as security.

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    Enjoy your new home!

    That's it — you're ready to move right away with some extra cash in your pocket.

78% of tenants prefer flatfair to a regular deposit.

flatfair makes renting faster, more transparent and more affordable for great tenants. You're still accountable for damages and unpaid rent at the end of your tenancy, but with flatfair you can simply register your debit card and pay when you leave.

What if I've already moved in?

Good news — you can still join flatfair at any time and get your original tenancy deposit back.

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**This is your maximum one-off membership fee to be split evenly between all sharers, per tenancy (in some cases, a discount may apply). Remember, flatfair allows you to pay when you leave and isn’t insurance - so you’ll still need to cover rent and damages when you leave.
The flatfair portal

Manage your moves online.

The flatfair portal helps you and your agent organise move-ins, exits and end of tenancy charges quickly and transparently.

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Explore the flatfair portal

Earn rewards & discounts.

Great tenants deserve amazing rewards. Your flatfair score helps you stand out on future rental applications and unlock special discounts.


Avoid unfair charges.

Charges are easily managed via the flatfair portal. Don't worry, you can negotiate on all proposed charges and access independent adjudicators to resolve tricky disputes - leaving you with peace of mind at the end of your tenancy.


Fair Resolution

Designed to make renting fair.

Our fair resolution process ensures all charges are thoroughly proven and easy to resolve.

How fair resolution works
  • "It's a great alternative to a high security deposit while still giving the landlord some assurance. Makes moving much, much easier to manage and plan for. This needs to be accessible for all eligible renters across the country!"

    Gemma, Tenant
    flatfair Tenant
  • "flatfair is a straightforward concept that's beneficial to agents, landlords and tenants – and it’s run by decent people. What more can you ask for?"

    Sophie, London
    flatfair Tenant
  • "flatfair is great as it makes it so much easier to save money for furniture in our new property"

    Nathan, London
    flatfair Tenant
  • "To be honest it was a life saver. I personally didn’t have money for deposit so flatfair made it possible for me to get my house deposit free"

    Vera, Leighton
    flatfair Tenant

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